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An endless passion for exploration, for collaboration,
for discovery, for people, for Cincinnati.

Our mission is to transform hearts, minds and communities through thought provoking musical exploration. 

concert:nova is a boundary-pushing ensemble that challenges the audience to engage with the music in various ways.  Imagine world-class chamber music, but in surprising venues that create provocative, intimate, interactive, and unforgettable experiences leaving you and the audience changed.

The musicians collaborate with a cavalcade of interdisciplinary artists from all over the city, region and globe in a diverse array of surprising venues to create provocative, intimate, interactive, and unforgettable experiences that remove the barrier between the artists and the audience.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, concert:nova presents “the most imaginative events in memory by a classical ensemble.”  

Founded in 2007 by a group of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra musicians, the ensembles has sought inter-artistic collaboration with an inquisitive and adventurous spirit to create an multi-dimensional blend of compelling and thought-provoking performances.

With a fluid roster, an agile ability within the group to morph into various combinations, and sharing the creative spirit with renowned guest artists near and far, concert:nova has been at the forefront of forging new artistic horizons in Cincinnati.

The ensemble presents five Main Series performances each season. 

Next:Generation is a multi-level educational initiative that trains young artists from the college/ conservatory level to young initiates at the elementary level. 

The Adventure Concerts (previously known as the Late:Night series) engages young professional audience members in socially and culturally relevant ways. 



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1243 Elm Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

Ixi Chen, Managing Artistic Director
Ted Nelson, Producing Artistic Director
Michael Culligan
Henrik Heide
Hiro Matsuo
Stefani Matsuo
Andrew Compton, Administrative Assistant
Sara Danner Dukic, Event Manager
Andrea Vos-Rochefort, Manager of Education and Community Outreach



Allison Kendall, Chair
Joshua Sands, Vice Chair
Katherine Yeager, Treasurer
Catharina Toltzis, Secretary
Ixi Chen, Ex-Officio
Virginia Cover
Bruce Halpryn
Hera Reines
Carlin Stamm
Lily Wang
Ryan Willging