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Upcoming Adventures:


These are musical experiences that stick to your ribs, mind and spirit (not always in that order), with our metro area as the canvas.

Music is a part of almost everyone’s life in varying capacities, but we don’t necessarily think about how it might affect our daily rituals.  

As an active participant in the music, you’ll explore how your perception of and connection to the music can change based on context. And maybe you’ll even find some new and exciting uses for it.  For example: what piece of music would you choose to describe a bourbon?

Other topics c:n explores with you: music and meditation, for transformation + reflection; music, words, and how they change our perception of the world; and, music through other senses, like food, drink, textures and colors.

Another bonus: finding cool new hangouts. We love Cincy and want to share some of our favorite spots with you - c:n partners with collaborators such as Hive Center for Contemplative Studies, Turner Farm, New Riff Distillery, Union Hall - and more- for a concert experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Did you know? All of these concerts are included with a s13 nova:pass.

We call our passholders our VIPs (Very Important Partners) because 1. we love you and 2. our audience is an integral part of our performances. Our pass program is a way to support our work, and for us to show you our appreciation with heartfelt perks that we enjoy cooking up as much as our performances.