World premiere highlights classical ensemble's 2018-19 season

By Bill Cieslewicz  – Managing editor, Cincinnati Business Courier

Aug 31, 2018, 1:00pm 

A world-premiere concert of a Hungarian composer’s commissioned work highlights performance group concert:nova’s 12th season.

The ensemble of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra musicians’ 2018-19 season includes a world-premiere concert of Lukas Ligeti’s “Birimintingo,” five chamber music programs, three new commissions, a concert featuring all-women composers and sounds of Brazil with French composer Darius Milhaud.

“We have always explored the intersection between the traditions of chamber music and brand new material and collaborations,” Ted Nelson, cellist and producing artistic director, said in a news release. “Cincinnati’s chamber music audience is so incredibly open and receptive to our brand of musical presentation.”

The ensemble, which just completed its 11th year with its first National Endowment for the Arts grant for the Bradbury Tattoos original operatic work, recently expanded to offer a second series, the Adventure Concerts, which appeals to the younger generation and classical music initiates by offering socially and culturally relevant experiences.

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