Power of HER

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Concert:nova is proud to be a part of Artswave’s celebration of POWER OF HER!  On Sept 9 at Music Hall, concert:nova founder Ixi Chen was honored as one of 200 women shaping Cincinnati arts and culture!  Ixi creates a platform for musicians and artists to challenge their ideas and passion for art in a way that engages the audience and the community; Her aspirations and charisma bring people together. 

We’re extremely proud that she is one of the influential women featured in the book “Imagineers, Impresarios, Inventors: Cincinnati’s Arts and the Power of Her” [releasing in June 2020, check it out ArtsWave.org/200Women]!  Special thanks to @Leylashokoohe for the profile!

The ArtsWave #powerofher celebration continues through September 2020.

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From AW Site:

"POWER OF HER is a collaboration of organizations across the Greater Cincinnati region, united to activate and amplify women’s voices in the arts. Led by ArtsWave, and inspired by the women’s suffrage movement, the initiative salutes the women who came before us, and honors female leadership and woman-centric works of all kinds.

At its core, POWER OF HER underscores creativity as a vehicle for inclusion and equality by celebrating the female voice — and the many ways it champions a more diverse and vibrant world."

Seika Fukumoto