January 12 | 2 pm

The Hive Cincinnati

1662 Blue Rock Street | 45223


Season tickets go on sale October 1.

The beginning of a New Year is the time we tend to reflect on our transformations past, present and future.  concert:nova invites you to join us in this annual ritual, but with the unique spin of live music and an experienced guide.

We’ve partnered with HIVE founder Troy Bronsink for a meditation + transformation session, that also explores maintaining your essential essence while undergoing changes.  We provide a live musical setting for the opening meditation with Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel + Spiegel. Then, we’ll explore metamorphosis + restoration with Bach’s Goldberg Variations arranged for strings.  Interspersed throughout are prompts and advice from Troy, an ordained Presbyterian minister, retreat leader, author, spiritual director, entrepreneurship coach, author, speaker, and consultant.

AdventureSara Danner Dukic