User Agreement


November 23 | 6pm (location TBA)

November 24 | 4pm (location TBA)

Single tickets go on sale October 1.

What digital trail have you left?  Not just your clicks, but also your opinions and feelings?  How does your digital identity shape your virtual and actual reality? Composer Ian Dicke explores this in User Agreement, which sets parts of the Twitter terms of service to music. 

Scored for soprano, chamber ensemble, dynamically spatialized audio, and video projections, the piece is experienced differently by each audience member according to what their phone is communicating with those ever-watching, ever-tracking eyes in the sky.  

Okay - what does this mean exactly?  Here’s what to expect: you’ll walk around a rather large venue, with musicians stationed throughout.  Your phone tracks where you are, and you’ll hear special effects layered over the live music according to where you’re located within the exhibit.  In a nutshell, you’ll be targeted with specialized content according to electronic data that’s unique to you - not unlike your daily online (and increasingly, offline) life.

Tweets from within half a mile of the venue are projected onto walls, allowing audience members to post their experiences in real time for actual humans to view and discuss.