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Holiday Party

Twinkling lights, gorgeous store windows, crisp air, the happy busy-ness and buzzing that comes with early December…it really is a beautiful time of the year, isn’t it?  Our holiday party was so fun last year that we’re doing it again - this time in the hip, modern setting of Union Hall in the heart of OTR with rooftop views of downtown and Music Hall.

This event benefits concert:nova and celebrates our stars and supernovas who support our mission. People like you: music lovers, art lovers, community-minded volunteers, artists and musicians who share the belief that music...

as Shakespeare says, “is the food of life”
as Beethoven says, “is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”
as Bono says, “can change the world because it can change people” and
as Leo Tolstoy says, “is the shorthand of emotion.”

As a community-focused non-profit organization, we depend on your contributions to sustain our performance, artistic development, and educational programs. 

This event is a festive and enjoyable way to enable us to continue to expand our impact on artists, audiences, and young people worldwide.

Unique gifts include customizable art, cooking classes, arts experiences, date night outings, wellness services, concert tickets with backstage access and more. 

So, thank you for coming to join us.
See you in December!

5-9pm SUNDAY DECEMBER 2, 2018
Union Hall, 4th Floor/Rooftop
$50 for food, beverages, music by concert:nova and friends, tarte-tasting and competition, fabulous gifts

Your support helps concert:nova grow:

  • you helped us fly in an amazing musician we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to bring to Cincinnati

  • you’re helping a young string quartet (and other bright-eyed, talented artists) learn how to support themselves through their craft

  • You allow us take our ideas from over-coffee dreaming to actually putting it on stage and in the community

Most of all: you help people connect through a shared love of something bigger than any one of us.  When we don’t have the words, we always have art.