ALL THE SINGLE TICKETS! [all the single tickets]

ALL THE SINGLE TICKETS! [all the single tickets]



Oh. Hi. Sorry. Got a little carried away there.

Are you here because you want to exchange your SINGLE ticket for a season pass?



Cool people. Exlusive goodies. Nova:Love.

Our members

are the



We do interesting, creative, fun things all throughout the year, for a group of some of the hippest people in the city (that’s you).

Did we mention that our members are marvelous? No, really. They (you) are the reason we can do what we’re doing.

(a discount equal to the price of your single ticket will be applied at checkout)

Details + Benefits for 18-19 Nova:Pass VIPs

We love our people. Here’s how we show it: 

  • FREE Admission to a Special Concert

  • Priority and Reserved Seating

  • Exclusive invitations to Member-only events

  • Two free tickets to introduce new friends to concert:nova

  • Discounted tickets to special and partner events throughout the year

  • The ability to exchange an unusable ticket for a performance by any of our partner organizations (subject to availability)

  • Access to Members-only webpage

VIP pass for 18-19 season: $150 (less the cost of your single ticket - discount applied at checkout)

Our members make it all possible.

Want in?